Friday, August 31, 2007

"Sleeping Lessons"

After another sleepless night with their faces and his insomnia I'm back to being sort of o.k. with how answerless and messy this life can be.

But first a BIG thank you to those who replied to yesterday's post. Another thank you to those who distracted me with humour, and such. And another to those who did both.

Today I'm working on answering Cole's question that goes like this:

Mommy, how do YOU get money if YOU don't have a job?

I raise eyebrows. Then furrow. And furrow.

You don't think I have a job?? What do you think I do all day? I ask--while sweeping the floor.

But he's already run off leaving me to furrow and fume and raise eyebrows and sweep by myself. I've since been writing a list of all things a mother does and it turns out that there's not nearly enough space here to list everything. It turns out, also, that maybe a mother should get paid SOMETHING directly and deliberately if only to keep small children from asking questions such as these.

Perhaps my soon-to-be new toy will set things right. It's one that'll enable me to take off my mother hat and try on another, if only temporarily. And it could help me to earn some cold, hard, green cash if I wanted and needed it to. Curious yet?

I'm eagerly anticipating its arrival.


Amanda said...

CLap hands, clap hands,
'til Daddy comes home.
Daddy has money
and Mommy has none.

That's what we sing at our house.

Amanda said...
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