Monday, August 27, 2007


If yesterday was a bad day, then today is a good one. I am no longer seeing red.

I walked into town in the sunshine and the air and sat for coffee, outside, in the air reading what Fanny Howe wrote about Edith Stein ("Immanence" from The Wedding Dress: Meditations on Word and Life). I lost myself a hundred times over. I'm nearly a convert.

I walked to the Fort. And looked for signs with which to catch the King.

I walked to the Boulevard. I looked at people. Until I saw a woman, small and thin and grey. She reminded me of Aurora, the sweet woman who walked our street and loved our children.

I haven't seen Aurora in months; it's been that long.

I got to thinking about JC and Looney Tunes and the piano. You know, the piano; the 'effing' piano (this is a child-friendly website). "The one that could drop on you at ANY second."

Yes, that one.

Life is beautifully fleeting. Or fleetingly beautiful.

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