Saturday, February 16, 2008

Set List

The Magnetic Fields
Somerville Theatre

California Girls
I Don't Believe You
All My Little Words
Come Back from San Francisco
Old Fools
Xavier Says
Walking My Gargoyle
Too Drunk to Dream
Till the Bitter End
The Night You Can't Remember
I Thought You Were My Boyfriend
Water Torture

* * * *

Lovers from the Moon
I Wish I Had An Evil Twin
Give Me Back My Dreams
Grand Canyon
Papa Was a Rodeo
Drive On, Driver
Nun's Litany
The Tiny Goat
Smoke and Mirrors
Zombie Boy

* * * *

Take Ecstasy with Me
The Book of Love

Lyrics to "Water Torture"

Lorraine MacLean's strange paintings change the rain-stained Maine terrain. Paint rain, Lorraine./ "Teasing bees is easy," wheezed Louise. "These bees are teased." Tease these, Louise./ Jill's drill skills instill ill will. A shrill trill fills the hills. Drill still, li'l Jill./ Jo-Jo knows the snow slows, no, no Jo-Jo slows the snow. Slow snow, Jo-Jo./ Lulu glues two blue shoes to tutus to lose the blues. Glue, Lulu, glue.

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