Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mitt Happened

I can't stop thinking about or writing about Mitt. I don't know what it means. Yesterday at the coffee shop the Boston Herald headline "Mitt Happens" popped out at me. "That's a shitty play on words," I thought as I chuckled to myself. I never had a chance to read the accompanying text that probably reiterated Mitt's reason for leaving the race--to give the remaining Republican candidates a chance to campaign hard against those terrorist and terrorism softies.

I feel safe already. Safe from jello salad and shorts that are too long and revelations from God.

Later when telling Tad about the headline I said something like, "I don't think he'd like that," and Tad reminded me that Mitt lives in Belmont--at least when he's not living in Deer Valley. That means that he probably saw the headline in all of its play on (Mormon) swearword glory. He might have teared up to see his name like that. Maybe he even got on a plane and flew to Utah--like he did when he was our governor.

I'm not really a mean person--I swear. And I'd be nicer about Mitt if I didn't feel so used by his stay in Massachusetts. But how sad is it that he's out of the race? He provided comic relief--much better than that of fried squirrel eating guy. What's a girl to do? Pray? But to which god?

Mitt, I'm lost without you.


NFlanders said...

Actually, I remember when I visited my parents before the 2002 Olympics, there was a "Mitt Happens" Olympic pin. Do a Google image search for "mitt happens olympic pin" or some variation. I remember thinking at the time that this was very edgy for Utah.

Those pin collectors can be pretty fanatic. I wonder how many Mormon collectors boycotted the Mitt pin and how many caved in a bought it to be completists.

Jane said...

I'm so going to find that pin on e-bay. Funny thing, my mom rabidly collected during the Olympics, but "Mitt Happens" didn't make it into her collection.