Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Collection of Results

Some results from this survey.



Molestation when I was 13--Drugs--Focus

Getting our Christmas tree and going to Disneyland

Consistently being charitable and resisting temptation

Our cabin

Trying to help my children who are struggling with serious problems . . . Staying focused on one thing at a time and not taking on too much . . .

Understanding that individual thought and freedom are as important as tolerance

Graduate school...

Marrying my wife

Trying to love and understand my in-laws and have them understand and love me in return

Playing with Legos

Mental illness and a constant feeling of inadequacy about everything. Lack of ability to focus and accomplish my goals.

Bringing my wife through the veil on our wedding day

Being married

When my family went to our ranch for spring break...We returned the next year but... we never had the same experience again.

Being a good parent

Summers spent at the beach

Law School


Becoming a parent, barn raising

Not having met and married my wife sooner

When I received the Sterling Scholar for dance

...not making the basketball team freshman year in high school. My brother played on the varsity team

Getting married to my husband

I remember trying out for the Elizabeth R. Hayes scholarship...I thought I did well, but as they were calling out names for dancers to go on to the 2nd round, my name was never called...

Singing "The Rose" at a high school assembly...Also, I was very proud when I completed my mission and gave my talk in church. I was proud not of my success nearly so much as the fact that I was so happy through most of it!

Wiping out during powder 8 contest at Alta

My marriage to my wife and the births of my children and grandchildren

My marriage

This summer in Hungary, when my daughter said her first word, “Baba”, which means dad in Farsi.

As a parent, not seeing big issues in my children’s lives in time to help alleviate future challenges, not being perceptive enough about what they needed . . . On a less serious note, not making songleader at the University of Utah the first year I tried out...

Nailing focus on a tough camera shot—standing up for marginalized people—questioning authority

While working, I made a big mistake involving signatures and affidavits. Need I say more? I guess hitting my face on the diving board and lying to a cop are up there on the list too.

When I graduated college, when I married my wife, when I returned from my mission, when I finished that 15-mile race. It’s more of a combination of positive experiences than a major moment.

Not achieving the levels of excellence I know I could have achieved with a little more effort and determination

When the Sigma Chi Fraternity sponsored me as a candidate for Homecoming Queen

All of my girlfriends. Rehab. AA. Trying to conform.

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