Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hobo's Blog and Ernie's Show

Hobo Elephant, uh, I mean Greg C has a blog. I like it. So far I'm partial to the Globe piece on Nan Goldin. It nearly broke my heart. As did Greg's kind words about Ernie Morin's work.

Speaking of, if you missed the city hall debut of At the Crossroads, Ernie's slideshow depicting the people, places, and t-shirts of Gloucester, you have another chance to see it. It'll be running on Saturday, January 27th at the Cape Ann Hysterical Museum at 3 p.m. I hear that the president of the CAHM will be in attendance and that this is a good time for you to encourage him to buy art for the museum. You know, work that you'd like to see there. Maybe made by local artists and such. More specifically, Ernie's work. I hear the prez is terribly mean but if you mention the names Aidan, Cole and/or Thea, he softens a bit. He also might be open to producing commemorative EM coffee mugs with "Love Slave" or "Ben's Bitch" scrawled upon them. In any case, I urge sweet talking of the sort that you are comfortable with to get your points across and get some new, new work, some new, old work, some attitude and some sass into Gloucester's museum.

I leave you with this photo of a partially costumed Hobo Elephant amidst miniature golf and flags and unsuspecting little girl.

flags and such

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