Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Herein lies the Problem

Someone in my family sent this questionnaire for me to complete before Christmas. I'm not going to name names; I'm not harboring any anger or malice at the moment. However, this survey illustrates well the disconnect that I feel when it comes to my family. Do I answer it? Or don't I? Do I answer it truthfully? Or don't I? What will happen if I do? What will happen if I don't? It's a loaded gun here. And I'm not sure that I'm willing to fire. Though I might have an awfully good time writing about some of these. Dibs on the person who suggested that I send a naked picture of myself to the bishop (see below) asking that "this body be removed from the lists" to help me complete it.

Name___________________________________ Date________________

Childhood ambition______________________________________________

Fondest memory________________________________________________

Favorite soundtrack______________________________________________

Favorite music__________________________________________________

Favorite retreat_________________________________________________

The person who has impacted your life most__________________________

Proudest moment_______________________________________________

Biggest challenge_______________________________________________

Describe the perfect day__________________________________________

First job_______________________________________________________

Biggest failure__________________________________________________

Favorite movie__________________________________________________

Strongest trait__________________________________________________

Favorite book__________________________________________________

Talent(s) others say you have______________________________________

Country of ancestor’s origin_______________________________________

Favorite ancestor_______________________________________________

Favorite scripture______________________________________________

Something that inspires you_______________________________________

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