Saturday, April 01, 2006

Of Hooligans, Shenanigans and Monkeys

I'm sure that this is 'tired' and has already been said, covered, done, but when I first read Howard Kaloogian's name I read it Kahooligan, similar in sound to shenanigan, a favorite word of my grandmother, the combination of the two words leading me to picture this Kahooligan fellow pulling shenanigans. This before I knew anything about the phony Iraq photo posted at his website or his youthfully (wannabe) cruel and brutish ways. Every time I see his name, my brain automatically transposes the letters. And because I continue to struggle with the correct pronunciation of his name, I think that I'll stick with Kahooligan, even if it is slightly on the flattering side of things.

As an aside, after reading The Sneetches and Other Stories by Dr. Seuss at least a thousand times, I realized for the first time the other day, thanks to Tad, that McMonkey McBean is McMonkey with an M. I had been reading it as McConkey with a C. This is a backwards case of the above mentioning, the name that I subconsciously invented less fitting than the name that already existed. Don't fuck with Dr. Seuss when it comes to name invention--he's the master. It then makes sense for me to consciously switch my pronunciation of this name as McMonkey is a bit of a shady character in Sneetches, reminding me some of Kahooligan. Not that I have anything against monkeys or hooligans.

So how does Kahooligan Shenanigan McMonkey McBean sound? This is a name that I think that I can remember therefore making the short list of names for my third born child.

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