Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What's your compatibility baby?

About a week ago I was dining at the in-laws, sitting and enjoying an after-dinner chat with assorted folk when we got on the subject of astrology. Seems that Kaia had printed out some descriptions of certain signs so as to see who was what and why and laugh a little over the silliness of some of the descriptions, "The Cancerian grubbing about in the attic." Is grubbing about at all like mucking about? As we continued our conversation we found a need to read the printed words aloud, admire the admirable traits of each sign and laugh some at the weaknesses of each sign, those of Leo, my sign, being the most distasteful. "Unbearably egotistic, overbearing, bossy, proud, intolerant."

This morning when Cole and I woke up at four I started thinking about last week's conversation, giving special attentions of course to how to reduce the undesirable personality traits of the Leo personality. I got out of bed, went to the computer and tried to find the website from which Kaia had printed, if only to argue with the author of the description that Leos are not intolerant. Hah. Take this. And take that. I found, instead, something much more entertaining for a sleepless person with too much time for Googling and such--the NEW compatibility determiner called Astro Match. It works like this: find your sign, then find the sign of the person you are married to or in a relationship with or want to be in a relationship with. Click on 'click to astro match!' (I did not invent the exclamation mark) and voila, your compatibility with said partner will be discussed. For example, Tad is a Pisces and my astro match begins like this, "You'll find yourself drawn to the sexy, yet strangely vulnerable fishy folk." It goes on to say, "Pisces is very inventive and compliant in the boudoir, which is exciting at first but such exotic behavior can become a little distasteful (in your royal opinion) if taken too far...Then....Your roar will thrill the Fish, but when he or she rolls over into a submissive pose, your inclination may soon be to snarl and slash the jugular." And then, as if I didn't see this coming, "This is not an easy match. You'll need to compromise more than you are used to (Why didn't someone tell me sooner than this?). And...it will take very strong compatibilities from Moon and other factors to keep you in this nest for long." Thank heavens for the moon because I have been in this 'nest' a while and I plan to be so for even longer and really--what did people do before the Astro planner?

Of course there are signs that are supposedly more compatible than others--Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are winners with Leo--probably signs having something to do with egocentricity, I'm guessing. So, having more time to spare, I delve into the realm of what could have been. According to Astro Match, Leo and Aries are "a truly glorious match....Perfect." Perfect? I'm skeptical here. What kind of Astro Planner is this? One I found while Googling at 5 a.m.?

Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Nearly nothing is perfect. Not this relationship. Not that one. Not any of it. Except love. Love in its barest form is perfect, not true, perhaps elusive and mystical, but perfect, my Valentine's Day message to you.

But you shouldn't trust me on this one. I am a Leo and apt to be relating this information for my own gain. For untainted information about your sign and your compatibility baby, go here .

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