Friday, February 24, 2006

Orifice Boy

Orifice boy does it again. He put a teeny, tiny something shiny in his ear deep enough to require close inspection with mega flashlight, deep enough and strange enough to get a second opinion before running off to the doctor. Big enough to cause pain in a little ear prompting comments from orifice boy such as, "I put a bead (or a bean) in my ear and it hurts." But too small and deeply lodged for fishing out with tweezers by me without possible damage of ear canal and bones that live there. Worry inducing enough to require removal of offending piece by Dr. Tom who at first thought it was a lovely mountain of ear wax, but with probing discovered this--a small, gold rolled up ball of foil, probably from a Hershey's kiss, perhaps on Valentine's Day or shortly thereafter, tossed somehow, somewhere for discovery (he says in the sand table) by little orifice boy who then put it in his ear, taking years of life from his mother and adding another incident to his putting-small-things-in-small-holes repertoire that includes but is not limited to this and this and this.

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