Tuesday, June 24, 2008

an open letter to the media

Dear Media,

You are out of control.

Not Yours Truly,

An annoyed high school teacher (former and future) in Gloucester


webadmin said...


Are they just camped outside of the high school? Sheila

Jane said...

yes! And the parks, and downtown and the superintendent's office and the beaches and the supermarkets. There isn't a safe place to hide.

Jim Dowd said...

99% of the motivation behind the extensive coverage of this story is this:

"Ok, let's pack the cameras into the satellite truck and go cover the municipal septic plant that's leaking in Fitchburg...what? In Gloucester? We don't need to know if it's true, anything not to have to go to freakin' Fitchburg. Any of you guys ever been to Woodmans?"

Nice post. Brevity is king.