Thursday, June 19, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Jane C. (title provided by Joe)

1. Watching Ernie the cat.
2. Watching Ernie the cat rub his body along the windows.
3. Watching Ernie the cat roll on his back.
4. Watching Thea watch Ernie the cat.
5. Listening to Thea say, "I see Ernie. I see Ernie. I see Ernie," an indefinite number of times.
6. Realizing that Ernie the cat has provided seconds and minutes and hours of free child care and that I should probably offer the cat owners some sort of compensation.
7. Singing.
8. Singing with Cole.
9. Singing "Surf Wax America" with Cole.
10. Finding "Surf Wax America" on youtube.
11. Dancing and singing in the mud/computer room to songs that we like that have been uploaded to youtube--the best semi free entertainment that ever there was.

PS Budweezer is a Weezer tribute band.

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