Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wilco and Alpacas and My Mother

Today is Mother's Day. Or Mothers Day. Or Mothers' Day--depending on what kind of a punctuation person you are. So as not to offend punctuation-sensitive readers I will use all three within and throughout this post.

It is Mothers Day. But I am not going to write about mothers or being a mother or my mother or mother earth. Instead I will write about Wilco and Alpacas. If you do not want to read about Wilco or Alpacas, I advise that you click on something such as "next blog" or maybe scroll to the top of the window and click on something to go somewhere that isn't talking about Wilco and Alpacas.

I like Wilco. All five of us went to see them last summer outdoors at The Shelburne Museum near Burlington, Vermont. We then went on to camp at a campground near Lake Champlain where it was possible to hear the tent next to us coughing...but not at all possible to hear the refusing-to-nurse baby screams that exited from our tent. There are sound proof devices for this kind of thing. If you are interested, please Google sound proofing devices for screaming babies in tents and proceed to the nearest website.

The Shelburne Museum is a really beautiful place to see a concert...and it almost wouldn't matter who is playing. Go when the moon is full and the air is warm and it's summer. You probably won't be disappointed. But don't ask me for your money back if you are. I cannot be held responsible for the purchases made as a result of reading this Wilco and Alpaca-laced blog entry.

This is to say that we will again be attending a Wilco summer concert...this time in August at Tanglewood. It is possible to buy two adult lawn tickets for $26 each and to show up with three kids in tow and they'll be let in for free. This is what I would call a cheap date. We'll even be able to sit on the lawn. And we're bringing our pop-up circus tent in case it rains. If you haven't been scared off yet, here is the link to find tickets.

The other thing that I wanted to talk about was my new found love for Alpacas. I always knew that they were cute. But I never knew that they were this cute.

my friend the Alpaca

Yes, I've been able to overlook the moss growing into their fur and the green in their teeth which means that it is true love and that the Alpacas and I were meant to be. Don't tell Joe and Renee, but I couldn't help myself and bought a non-breeding male this weekend called "John Wayne". He is going to be living in our back yard.

But before there is worry, again, pictures. How cute are they with their fuzzy-bear features and their long-as-life eyelashes?

Alpaca eyelashes

bear like

I love Alpacas. And Wilco. And maybe even my mother. Yes, definitely my mother.

Happy Mother's, Mothers', Mothers Day to all of you.

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