Monday, March 24, 2008

Note to Ed Sanders

Dear Ed,

I don't usually write notes like this I don't usually Ed but I'm writing one now about VF and you and how he said you weren't sweet and I say yes in that moment and later avoid going down over balcony and it ending badly as that Shakespeare play with a balcony and I don't usually think that people are sweet mostly they're assholes until I hear that poem and recognize your hair forgotten at a panel where people disagreed mainly G didn't make much of it that I know how can someone be sweet with a publication called Fuck You is maybe what he thought I think or he's cranky or something or other things yes other things like feeling small or not in agreement to make an argument to make an argument or drama or any of that bullshit I say you might not be sweet I'm not saying you are but in a moment you were something sweet floating back to me in the back of the church or hall I forget where I was when I heard you say what you did if you want to answer this do please though I may not send it for lack of stamp the stamps changing value and lifetime stamps that the PO put out to invest money they make from people who buy forever stamps in bulk is what he told me are not pretty that's it Ed I think that's all I meant I don't expect answers Ed sometimes I do to go on. To go on and on.

Thanks for listening Ed.



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