Thursday, October 18, 2007

Window Trickery

I have been trying to trick myself. But I'm onto me.

We tell ourselves things because we want to believe them. Vegetables are healthful. X, Y and Z make me a good parent. I can warm my hands with a patch of sunlight. Drinking too much makes it worse.

I've bought a plane ticket to Salt Lake City and I'm going. To see the lake. I'm going to see the lake.

I will dance with my grandmother and drip sarcasm with my cousin. I will say Happy Birthday and mean it.

No one will know that the windows need cleaning. That the lake is cold and not as salty as I had hoped. That I am pretending not to miss him with every minute. That I am pretending not to notice that he has almost slipped away from us all.

cloud shapes

window in need of cleaning

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