Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Of Knitting and Football and Evil Penguins and Mothers and Daughters

rainbow knitting

This here is the rainbow knitting of Aidan. About a year ago we had a tearful, frustrating encounter with learning to knit. Two days ago she asked if we could try again. A lot must change in a year because we figured it out and then she couldn't stop. She knit in the car. She knit while riding in a grocery cart in a grocery store crowded with people preparing for a football game. She knit while watching Wallace and Gromit, not the one about the sheep rustling and the knit-o-matic, but the one with the evil penguin. And she knit before bed. I love this girl and her knitting and that now we can knit together.

She's making a scarf, by the way.


Amanda said...

Where's the football ?!?!?!?

Jane said...

Bloody fans blocking the aisles=football

I'm sure that you aren't the only disappointed reader.

Amanda said...

I cheated, becasue I knew where the football was...

Is that stealing signals illegally?