Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More, more, more

Everyone should clean under and behind large appliances at least once a year. Or, lest it be thought that I actually do this, a person should clean behind appliances when and if a child (not to be named) pours nearly half a gallon of milk (the expensive kind) on the kitchen floor. The milk then makes its way like a stream, a milky stream, to the most logical and downsloping place in the kitchen--beneath the refrigerator and beneath the stove, leaving me to wonder which would be worse--the stench of the dried and soured milk if I do not clean it properly or the debris, the dusted, crusted food that has accumulated over four years.

I chose to go where no man or woman has been since the purchase of our home and I was not disappointed, the terrain lovely, the crust the finest quality, and the dust sculpture enough to make any woman long for more--more pools of milk spilled on kitchen floor, more crusts of bread lodged between cushions of couch, more of the dried, more of the solidified and petrified. Oh the richness of color.

More. Give me more, more, more.

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Varia said...

Hi, Jane, just a shoutout by a browser passing in the night. Nice writing and perspective. I'm a smells person too.