Sunday, December 11, 2005


I wish that I could describe smell. Pleasant aroma or foul odor. It changes, depending on time of day and mood. Wet soap after Tad's shower or coffee grounds in trash or eucalyptus when I go for acupuncture. Fish from Vito's. Lemon drops from Walgreens and peppermint Altoids. Sautéing onions or garlic for soup or chili for dinner or no dinner. Peppers on a Mike's or Mikes' pizza. Poop, nonspecific. Wet towels that need washing. Sheets that have been slept upon and in and around. Cole's blankets. Someone else's laundry, the soap, I think. Newspaper, pulp. My mother in law's perfume. Smoke wreaths. Babies. Pine. Exhaust. Outside. The smell of outside.

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