Friday, November 04, 2005


Should I be surprised by these differing definitions? The inner feminist says no. Who comes up with these words, anyway? Must be viragos. Male viragos.

Word of the Day for Wednesday October 26, 2005

virago \vuh-RAH-go; vuh-RAY-go\, noun:
1. A woman of extraordinary stature, strength, and courage.
2. A woman regarded as loud, scolding, ill-tempered,
quarrelsome, or overbearing.


suestew said...

The second one defines me :)

Jane said...

Um, no. If you're going to claim the 2nd, you better also claim the 1st. Most of the women I know and love embody more of the 1st and/but always some of the second. So what if women are a little cranky sometimes? They have their reasons--man world reasons, and such.

suestew said...

Rhetoric. It can turn anything into anything ; )