Tuesday, August 09, 2005

You Decide

Where have all the flowers gone?
Where have all the hippies gone?
Where have all the protesters gone?


and another

park street protesters

signs and flags



flag washing

more signs

Click on image for larger image.


suestew said...

Apparently they have all gone to Gloucester, or at least I'm assuming that is where you took your photos. The war is very imoral, very, very, very sad. If I think about it too much, I can't lift my left pinky or feel my toes. Seriously. It causes so much emotional pain that my body will not function. That is why I read a lot of comic books and listen to Norah Jones and Sigur Ros.

suestew said...

Now that I look closer, I see that all of those people are in Boston. Hmmmm...that makes sense.

Jane said...

o.k. what i meant to say was.....

Don't you find the images a bit odd? I mostly took pictures because of the spectacle of it all. Spiffily dressed folks walking by, cell phones pressed to ear, refusing peace cranes even though they were being offered for free. Several others were taking pictures--holding up their camera phones, walking by. The signs, the flag washing. Was anyone listening--thinking about dead people in a fucked up country?

I want to protest this war. I really want to protest this war...but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. And while I feel guilty saying it...because what the hell am I doing about anything...I can't embrace the park street spectacle.

suestew said...

The photos don't appear to be strange they appear to me very beautiful. People, on a Saturday, taking a stand for peace. That is awesome. The people walking by with cell phones refusing peace cranes is something you saw becuaes you were there but it just doesn't stick out in your photographs. The only thing that sticks out is people making a statement.

I admire people who can protest. in order to protest, one has to accept the reality. The reality of the situation is far to devastating for me to deal with. How does one deal? The more I try to read and learn, the more confused I am. I feel like the propoganda is shouting at me and telling me what I should do rather than informing me. It's maddening and very sad. I jsut curl up in a little ball and rock back and forth.