Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Last night before bed I read the police notes. An item about a man taking unwanted photographs during Fiesta. This morning I woke to a dream. Wandering and sausage. Elvis singing Neil Diamond. Ferris wheel detaching from its mount and rolling through the crowd, smashing people like in a bad horror flick. Confetti and kissing St. Peter, kissing the money attached to his back. Halter tops bejeweled with diamonds, emeralds and rubies. A cat fight in the women's bathroom at Old Timer's, flying hair and eyelashes and fuckyous. Fernando and strobe lights. Seine boats surfing a tidal wave. A set of man legs running wildly in red, fishnet stockings, independent of torso. Burnt flag on boulevard encased in glass. God eating fried dough.

Perhaps these are the photographs that I wish I had taken, unwanted or not, though I did have a good time at Fiesta. Here are a few photos that I did take, wanted, unwanted?, to prove it.



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Pre Greasy Pole

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suestew said...

Did God try Ambie's? Yum. Fried dough was fab too but Ambie's was really divine.