Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cat Butt Gum...Rear

Cat Butt Gum...Rear
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And please click on the image so that you can read the type to learn when and if you should chew. Or eschew.

A Brief History...

Brothers Seth and Mitch Nash founded Blue Q 17 years ago in Boston, Massachusetts. Mitch sold a successful music merchandising business (a venture which enabled him to attend all the rock concerts he wanted to) and Seth left high-tech engineering to be a self-employed mad scientist. They thought they would join forces (after all they were successful building elaborate and bizarre construction projects in their backyard because their mother didn't let them watch TV) and start a company. Designer Lighting was going to be the product. But one day, in their usual madcap way, in a roomy loft in Boston, they created the infamous Flat Cat. The Flat Cat was a two dimensional cardboard kitty that was marketed as the Perfect Pet. They sold millions of them and the quirky Blue Q product line was born. Designer driven with a huge emphasis on packaging and quality, Blue Q conquered the gift world with more flat pets, stationary, cards, refrigerator magnets and soap. After successfully importing a personal care line from Australia, Blue Q began to create its own line of soaps and toiletries in late 1998. This growing line maintains a diverse and distinct look with personal care lines such as Queen, Tainted Love, Wash Away Your Sins, Miso Pretty, Balls, and the queen of them all, Dirty Girl. In 2003 Blue Q entered into a wildly different market - chewing gum. What they will do next is classified. The company is now based out of a renovated player piano factory in Pittsfield Massachusetts in the bucolic Berkshires. 13 employees man the administration and art departments where music blares all day and they all take turns making lunch. Mitch art directs all the products, working closely with designers from across the country in a workspace dominated by a 3-½ foot barbed-wire ball. Seth is the financial and systems guru behind his bank of computers. A warehouse and distribution center employing 20 people as well as approximately 12 individuals in a handicapped workshop is located a mile away. New products are being developed constantly. Dirty Girl has grown into a legitimate cosmetics brand with the likes of Courtney Love, Minnie Driver and Chrissie Hynde hording her wares. Dirty Girl as well as many other blue Q brands can be found in Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, Bendel's, specialty shops throughout the nation, and online at


suestew said...

I've seen a bunch of their stuff around town and find the idea of "Wash away your sin" stuff very amusing. i bought some and had them in the car for while so people could use them at will. People thought it very funny. Are you sure you wanted me to come to your blog. I think you might be in big trouble now! You can't stop this train.

Jane said...

I don't think there is much you could say that would make me want to disallow comments. Guess we'll find out you freight train you.