Sunday, October 19, 2008

Five Things

1. We have a new toilet flapper. I never knew that a new toilet flapper could make me feel this way.

2. I turned the heat on this morning. For half an hour. I tried to make it until November. I tried. I promise.

3. Fru-fru coffee. I like it. I get a maple latte (usually) at the Lone Gull once a week. I think about my fru-fru coffee all week and then it's Sunday and I ride my bike to the coffee shop and buy a froo-froo (trying out different spellings) coffee.

4. Today is Sunday. The Sox are still in it. I will drink a fru-fru coffee soon. The toilet flapper is flapping. Or not flapping, depending on how I think about it. It's October. Cole and Aidan have been giving me red and orange leaves and asking me to keep them in my pockets. I'm wearing slippers. And sweaters. And thinking about all of the people I love.

5. Four is symmetrical and five is only kind of, depending on how I think about it.

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