Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big Day for Sesame

I'm sitting in the mud room/computer room at the computer while the kids watch Sesame Street. First Cole tells me that Jack Black is on. He knows that I like Jack Black. I get up. I walk out to the living room and I watch Jack Black count the sides of a stop sign. "It's an octagon," he says. "Octagon." I laugh. Cole laughs. Aidan laughs. Thea says, "That's Jack," though I think that she might be referring to my brother, her Uncle Jack. Who knows.

I return to the computer. I read. I type. I do stuff. Then I hear that ipod commercial. No, it's not the ipod commercial. It's Feist. And she's singing with Muppets on Sesame Street. I get up again. I watch Feist singing and dancing with Muppets.

I return to the computer to type this up. To tell the internet--if it doesn't already know--that Feist and Jack Black are on Sesame Street today.

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