Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sarah and Joey are Dead

I didn't learn. The unmasked masking tape taper has struck again. This time in the upstairs bathroom--in a mix of funny and sad because this morning I had to flush Sarah and Joey, goldfish bought yesterday, down the toilet. The tape on the toilet seat says better than I could that this is where Cole's beloved pets are buried. Use with caution.

It also says: scene of the crime. This is where my mother flushed and eulogized and waved goodbye as the water swirled. And then she hurried us off to school.

I'm feeling bad about the whole thing for lots of reasons. We were not successful pet owners even for 24 hours. My children and husband are sad about it. And I never had a chance to sing, "Joey I'm not angry anymore" to a fish.

taped shut

the unmasked masking tape taper strikes again

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Tad said...

Great shots. I think the only gift we ever need get this kid is an endless supply of various tapes (though he could be dangerous with duct tape). I was telling the ladies in the office about Sarah and Joey and wondering how long they would be with us.