Monday, September 10, 2007

Here's the Thing (working title)

I have a fancy, new camera and I want to do something with it, though I could do what I want to do without a fancy, new camera. I'm writing what I want to do here because if I don't write it here I won't follow through. Also, I might need a swift boot to the ass if I start whining and acting like I can't finish what I'm about to start. The following is inspired by School House Rock, especially "Three is a Magic Number," the paper crane project, flickr's 365 days, Amanda's letter writing and 69 Love Songs, The Magnetic Fields.

Take at least one photo every day for 365 days.
Post one photo every day to flickr.
For 52 Fridays, print one photo, 4x6, taken during the week.
Choose one person--family, friend, or random--and write a note to this person.
Must be a handwritten note and person must not be expecting the note or picture.
For 52 Saturdays, mail note and picture.
If people want to write a return note they can, but there must be no expectation that they do so.
Cost of project not to exceed $35. Envelopes, notepaper, 52 stamps, 52 prints.
Punishment if I don't finish this project: A hairshirt.


To circulate handwritten mail.
To find cool stamps (I have a thing for stamps).
To make myself finish something that I've started, something long.
To surprise people by sending them unexpected, handwritten mail.
To write to people I want to write to, but for whatever reason, don't.
To make something. Call it art, if you want. Or, call it something else.

Don't forget about the boot in the butt, if I need it. If you know someone who would like a note, please send along their address, but don't forget not to tell them that they'll be receiving a note. Thank you.

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eshu said...

a beautiful and great idea.

i'm flattered.