Saturday, May 06, 2006


Have a cold but I'm eating strawberry icecream anyway. Something to bite into. Strawberries. Clothes don't fit. Elastic band waist thingy won't stay up, shirts too short to cover belly. A week since my grandmother died. Still wishing for goodbye that didn't come with seeing her tiny, lifeless person in those clothes, hearing hymns, listening to talk of the other side.

Thursday news. Friday flight. Saturday funeral. Spanish Fork burial. Second cousin, 10 children. Sunday knitting while others go to church. Monday flight. Week's worth of laundry and cleaning. Behind. Too tired to care. Wednesday glucose test. Three hours of needle poking, not eating, sugar drinking, waiting, knitting. Shaking then sleeping. Negative results. Thursday for bill paying and grocery shopping. Sun on Friday. Caught a cold, midnight, steam, shower with two year old. Awake eating ice, solving number puzzles. Orange goldfish crackers to plastic bowl, then to bed. Excavator under pillow. Go to sleep thinking about the doctor and his wife--not the baby and the photographer and those dreams.

Weaving ends in, then out. Tank top finished. On. Stripes beneath. She's out to buy flowers.

Laundry. Needing to do laundry. Laundry. Laundry. But writing instead.

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