Monday, October 10, 2005


Lately I have been thinking about Katrina, the gulf coast. A lot. The images, the stories, the poverty, the unseen America--by most--until now. I've been wanting to do something--with my money or my time--but haven't found the right thing, the right organization. Like most I've spoken with about the disaster, I want my money to go to those who truly need it, the people with nothing who've had everything taken away. It wasn't until today, in reading some of the political blogs that I read, that I noticed this, a thoughtful, moving, anger-provoking, loving account--images and words--of the effect of the tragedy on a community in Mississippi where the author's (Clayton James Cubitt) mother and brother lived. And after reading and viewing I have decided to purchase two of his images depicting the Katrina aftermath because I think that the stories that these images tell are important. Also, my money is going directly to someone who is working to tell the story of the other America, working to make anger--or sense--or realness--of it all, which--and I hope I'm calculating correctly--is the best I can do. For now.

Overview of Operation Eden
Direct link to images of the Katrina disaster

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