Saturday, September 03, 2005

Note to Cole

A couple of weeks after your second birthday, in honor of your second birthday

Dear Cole--

I admire your sweetness, your exuberance, your determination. And I slightly envy the love you have for people and things--no need to discriminate now--they are all worthy.

Loaders. Backhoes. Excavators. Tractors. Meat. Olives--like your grandfather. Blueberries and blueberry bushes. Busy People. Boats. Books. Kids and people. Your sister. Babies. Nakedness. Blankies and ice cream. Words--such as "Whatzitmean?" and bike trailer. Screaming and flinging your body to the floor (added after today, particularly grumpy). These things are important to you.

Oh. And keys and electricity. You started a small electrical fire the other day--maybe I should keep this information to myself. But some day you might appreciate it.

I love you Cole. Happy second year of life. Also, please forgive me for not cutting your hair.

my baby

bloated diaper lake swimming

after snack nap

ride on

have your cake and eat it too

running with blankets

even the wagon

hey baby

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